• Amanda Smith - Storyteller

Robin Hood stories at The World Storytelling Cafe

I've lived in Nottinghamshire for most of my life and absolutely love telling Robin Hood stories. When I got the chance to perform at the wonderful online World Storytelling Cafe I wondered which stories would say something about these strange pandemic times. I decided it was time for a bit of Robin Hood . These old stories speak about a time to hope for a positive change in your life, a call to work together to create a fairer society and for every person to dream about the the life they want to live and their right create that vision - whatever their circumstances.

(You Tube link to follow)

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She has launched her new  Covid-adapted digital storytelling business by producing storytelling for business training videos with Nottingham's Real Creative Futures Digital/New Arts Exchange gallery.

She is the organiser of The Magic Story Carpet Family Storytelling festival July 2020.

She will deliver digital storytelling videos for building resilience for children in Summer 2020. They will focussing on how the story itself can gently mirror and present options around tricky subjects e.g. how to adapt to change, use thinking skills to process and adapt to challenges and how to use  the safety and structure of a traditional stories to start a conversation about difficult or scary things

Augut 2020: Amanda plans to run socially distant outdoor performances and story-walks around Nottingham's City and County parks.


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